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IP – The Vital Ingredient

The importance of intelligent persistence is often understated. The process, how to do this or that are what's held as the panacea. The truth is, when you're job-hunting the most important attribute you can exercise is cultivating a persistence in following an established and proven process.An ad hoc, purely reactive approach to finding your next role is not an efficient nor effective way to go about things. The first step in this equation is to [...]

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Planning & Strategy III – The Coalface

First and foremost, if you’ve not read our previous entries, you’ll wish to do so. They can be found here: PART I PART II So we're all set now in our direction, and it's time to start the actual process of job-hunting, interviewing, and securing your new position. The following is a compressed, 'lite' version of our process that we've built and refined over the years, [...]

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Planning & Strategy II – The Hunt

First and foremost, if you've not read our previous entry, you'll wish to do so. The link can be found: HERE Now we've established a somewhat long-term view and high-level, low-res overall plan, we can look to create our immediate job-search strategy. Our objective now, is to gain a role on the trajectory defined in our plan - if not immediately our ultimate role, certainly something that will be a [...]

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Planning & Strategy I

Setting out a strategic approach to your job search, and being more than just reactive, and thinking short-term is critical for true success. The first thing we need to do is establish what success looks like for you. At the bottom of this page, you'll find a link to the 'Lite' version of our Executive Planning Sheet. In short, what you need is a goal, and an understanding of the steps it'll take to get [...]

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Tracking Your Job Search

All your preparation and efforts shouldn't go to waste. Without data and records, we don't know where we stand, and where best to direct our efforts. We need to set realistic expectations; the formula we usually ascribe to is it takes about two months of searching for every decade of working life to find the right job. This is a crude average and differs significantly across job-type, industry, and person, as well as many other [...]

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Reading Between The Lines

How to really, and reliably read job ads is part science, part voodoo, and definitely a big part practice. There's one quick and decptively simple way to reduce the general ennui glaze that settles in when trying to wade through a dozen or so in a sitting, and instead stay engaged.You'll no doubt read dozens, if not hundreds of job advertisements in your career. You poor thing. The good news is that we can help you [...]

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Recruiters; Devils or Angels?

Ah recruiters. Used car salesmen, pyramid salespeople, real estate agents. There really is some stiff competition for the most contemptible of professions. Unfortunately, there is some basis for this, but of course there are good people doing the right things in each of these professions. We're going to look at how to identify the recruiters that can provide value to your career, and how to best engage them. If you ask a thousand people about [...]

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Interview Follow-up

Make sure you've read our two previous articles that can be found: HERE I & HERE II Asking how you went is very presumptuous, and the majority of the time you’ll be met with a dismissive statement. A much better way to phrase this is some hint close to “From all I can see, I’d really like to work here, and I [...]

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